The Need for Something New

Lets get right to it.

Why does every cryptocurrency payment gateway require you to enter in an API key, sign-up on their website, and/or force you to use them as a wallet? Simple, they want to get in-between you and your crypto. The fundamental desire to have cryptocurrency succeed on a global scale is lacking. At Nomiddleman Crypto, we want to see blockchain technology realized to it’s full potential.

It is simple to display your wallet addresses to customers for direct crypto payments. It is simple to look at the various blockchain transactions to verify an eCommerce order has been completed. It is simple to realize that nothing else is needed. We aim to provide you a simple free product that incorporates all these things.

We do not discriminate between cryptos. Our goal is to put the power in your hands. You make the decisions. Do you accept only bitcoin because your crypto customer base is small and not worth the hassle? Fine with us. Maybe you have tried adding an Ethereum payment gateway and found you netted new repeat customers that prefer paying with Ether. We provide all of this and more. Users of our product have recently been adding new cryptos they have never accepted before and are seeing new customers come back again and again because they now accept the customer’s favorite crypto.

Everything so simple you say.. Well not everything.. Scaling is not simple. APIs that we utilize charge money for hitting their servers more than a couple times a minute. Matching crypto payments to orders for stores that have hundreds or thousands of orders an hour is non-trivial. So if you are selling a lot of stuff via crypto, not so simple.

Our goal is to provide the small time store with a free gateway to get started accepting crypto. We will provide scaling solutions at a cost. Automatic order processing for hundreds of Ethereum customers an hour is hard to do without a middleman. Our product provides a solution.